Jeff Sheinkopf

Creative design and direction for film, music, and beyond

I started working on art and design projects at a young age, but my first paid gigs were in college, making posters and newspaper ads for concerts at school and at the rock club where I worked nights. After moving to New York and spending several years in a full-time creative position at a major record company, I started my own business and have been working independently ever since.

I work with a wide range of individuals, small businesses, and large corporations; filmmakers, musicians, authors and artists. And while I’m excited for the opportunity to work on any interesting project, I make a special effort to help nonprofits and socially conscious organizations whenever possible.

If you have a project on which you’d like to collaborate, or if you just want to say hello and talk about dogs, I’d love to hear from you.

(917) 512-3629
jeffsheinkopf [at]